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Chemical Engineering is a multidisciplinary profession that focuses on materials and processes and represents a very broad range of technologies.

Graduates of the department possess the skill and training required for developing and transferring a product from the laboratory to a semi-industrial facility and on to manufacturing and marketing, from the concept stage to prototypes to processes and products - in short, from theory to reality.

To succeed in this mission, our students are equipped with scientific tools (chemistry, physics, mathematics and computers), engineering tools (flow, transfer of heat and material, separating processes, materials and construction for industry and environmental aspects, modern technologies based on the science of materials and processing them) and with practical studies (advanced laboratories for general chemistry, organic and physical; laboratories for chemical engineering: transfer phenomena and heat and mass transfer and an environmental engineering laboratory). In addition to these, towards the end of their studies, our graduates experience a planning and research project, visit a representative number of industrial factories and study one of the majors offered by the department.

This past year, the ties of the department with the Israeli industry have strengthened. Among the industries supporting the department, by providing scholarships, as well as involvement in joint studies and final projects, are: Israel Chemicals, Mekorot (Water Company), Carmel Olefins, the Israeli Oil Refineries, Haifa Chemicals, Intercosma, and many more.

The chemical engineer’s expertise is necessary for production processes, marketing and applications, in a wide variety of fields in which he/she could find employment, for example: the classic chemical industry, the petrochemical industry, the fertilizer and pest control industries, the food industry, the polymers and plastics industries, the aviation industry, the defense industry, hi-tech industry, development of energy sources, the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics industry, the textile industry, the bio-technological industry, research institutes, marketing and sales, governmental offices, and many more.

Due to the fact that there is such a wide variety of possible employment for the chemical engineering graduate, chemical engineering is considered especially multi-disciplinary, compared to other engineering fields.

Graduates of the depratment are equipped with tools and knowledge which will enable them to work as engineers, scientists and managers in a variety of industries.

Those interested in a research career may continue their studies towards higher degrees in other institutions in Israel or abroad, relying on the best engineering background of its kind. Additionally, graduates of the program may continue to study in specialized fields such as: business administration, commerce, law, banking and finance and even politics. All these may constitute an interesting and useful combination for graduates with a chemical engineering background.

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