Curriculum and Majors: The Chemical Engineering Department

We believe that in order to best prepare our students for the their future employment, research and entrepreneurship, they must be equipped with scientific tools (chemistry, physics, mathematics and computers), engineering tools (flow, transfer of heat and material, separating processes, materials and construction for industry and environmental aspects, modern technologies based on the science of materials and processing them) and with practical studies (advanced laboratories for general chemistry, organic and physical; laboratories for chemical engineering: transfer phenomena and heat and mass transfer and an environmental engineering laboratory).

In addition to these, as of their 2nd year of studies, our graduates experience planning and research projects, visit a representative number of industrial factories and study one of the majors offered by the department.

The majors offered by the department are as follows:

  • Environmental Engineering: Environmental engineering is gaining importance in the technological and industrial fields both in Israel and worldwide, as it has various public aspects.
    Ever-growing governmental and private funds are being invested in engineering and technologies such as: water and waste treatment, water desalination, industry waste and hazardous waste management, air pollution control and prevention, and more.
    The chemical engineer is the most equipped to handle the challenge of environmental problems and prevention of air and vital water sources pollution. Implementing basic actions, such as: separation processes, extraction, filtering and mass and heat transfer allow for better understanding of the environmental processes and find the suitable technologies for prevention and control.
    Employment opportunities for environmental engineers with background in chemical engineering are numerous and diverse, whether in industrial factories required to implement “greener”, less-polluting technologies, such as solid, liquid and gas waste treatment, in governmental and municipal organizations in charge of enforcement and control, or in planning firms, in charge of detailed planning of processes in industrial facilities, in order to prevent pollution.
  • Materials Engineering for Medical Applications: Bio-Medical engineering and cosmetics engineering is rapidly growing in Israel and worldwide.
    The bio-engineering research and infrastructure established in Israel and the industrial states over the past 30 years have led these fields to scientific and industrial maturity, which enables a streamline transition from the advanced technological infrastructure of the late 20th century on to the hi-tech bio-medical and cosmetics industries of the 21st century.
    Developments in communications, computer technologies and data processing also contribute to the advancement of bio-medical engineering. As a result, there is an increased demand for materials engineers for medical applications in Israel.
    The objective of this major is to train researchers and engineers of the Department of Chemical Engineering, who will know how to deal with complex problems, requiring multi-disciplinary knowledge and understating of biological systems alongside the developments in various fields of engineering.
    Employment opportunities in bio-medical engineering include the hi-tech industry, universities, bio-medical research foundations, cosmetics manufacturers, health organizations and economic foundations, are constantly growing, due to the impressive advancement in bio-medical research, clinical testing and the bio-medical industry, which require an increased number of materials engineers for medical applications and cosmetics.
  • General Chemical Engineering: The general major was established based on the notion that chemical engineers require the widest point of view possible. This major exposes the students to a wide variety of optional courses in various fields. This major is a combination of the two other majors – environmental engineering and materials engineering for medical applications.

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