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We are living in special times, a genuine cultural/technological revolution. Modern jewelry designers need to know how to take the emerging changes into account, to understand that they need to open up to the new technologies and manufacturing processes inundating us, to know how to combine tradition and innovation.

There are goldsmithing and silversmithing technologies, some dating thousands of years, for which there is no substitute. The goldsmith’s work table cannot yet be replaced by a computer and 3D printer; consequently, at the Department of Jewelry Design we take pains to preserve courses in which traditional handwork principles are central, while innovative manufacturing methods are implemented in and incorporated into the curriculum, including Rapid Prototyping and CAD-aided design.

Since its foundation, the Department of Jewelry Design at Shenkar has emerged as one of the departments that potential candidates find most appealing, since it is built on unique academic foundations, and produces graduates possessing tools that enable their integration into virtually any position in the field of jewelry design: whether as designers in big companies/jewelry manufacturers or as owners of a private studio.

Moreover, graduates who choose to continue to MA studies are accepted into respected institutions, and say they feel confident and are equipped with a more comprehensive skill set than their fellow students.

The Department of Jewelry Design at Shenkar is dedicated to maintaining close connections between academia and industry with the aim of bridging the gaps between the period of study and reality in the "real world". 

עיצוב: גלית ברק (צילום: רן פלוטניצקי)

Alongside core studies in silversmithing and goldsmithing, design, and theory, the students experience practical courses in conjunction with well-known companies in the industry, which constitute simulation of a designer’s (the student) work with a big client (the company). Thus they gain experience that contributes to their professional confidence when they leave the halls of academia.

Alongside local endeavor, the Department invests considerable efforts in promoting international connections, including accompanying students in submitting candidacies for student exchanges at leading academic institutions abroad, and internship applications, submitting candidacies for international awards, and holding master classes with well-known leading designers from around the world.

Due to its top-quality lecturers and talented students and alumni, the Department of Jewelry Design has positioned itself as one of the leaders in its field in Israel and around the world, and gains substantial international exposure and respect.


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