Statement of the Head of the Department: Interior, Building & Environment Design

Landscape, building, interior, and exterior are a single space - a joint platform for everyday living, consciousness, and practices that is blind to the separation between professions (architecture, interior design, landscape design).

Design is the ability to observe all the parts that create reality, and intervene in it with a physical action. Consequently, maintaining the relevance of the designer as a figure influencing social, cultural, and economic life mandates observation and ceaselessly attempting to understand our time.

Empowering the endeavor of the next generation of designers cannot be founded on the security of acquiring intradisciplinary skills, no matter how current. For design studies graduates to successfully expose the time and place and influence them, their point of departure has to be one of questioning and dissatisfaction that drive curiosity and action.

At the same time, they must acquire the ability to design a concrete place from diverse parts, material and non-material alike. Consequently, the department’s success is measured not only in technical mastery of professional-technological skills, but also in the depth of the graduates’ ability to navigate between the forces that shape society, culture, space, and their work, and in the strength of their motivation for action in relation to these forces.


The premise at the basis of studies in the department is that the designer who intervenes in a space has to act, first of all, out of recognition of the tensions underlying the way the space looks and functions. Therefore, the curriculum is organized according to questions about the culture of life and place as an engine for design thinking and action, and blends investigation of recent spatial design technologies, studying contemporary culture and society, and practicing design as a way of thinking and an advanced skill.

I would like to invite anyone seeking to tackle the social challenges of our time, and believes that design can change reality – to join us!

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