Head of Department's Statment

A quick click of the finger. A window opens. 
Hurray for the finger! 
You have connected. Our words are before you. We are together. 
Which is the clicking finger? 
In most cases, the index finger of the right hand.  
What is its role? How does it serve you? Where was it a minute ago? 
Or ten minutes ago? 
Was it busy cleaning one of your nostrils? 
Was it scribbling a love letter in the sand at the beach? 
Perhaps it surreptitiously plunged into the side of a fresh cream cake and snuck off for a lick? 
Did the plastic mouse you are fondling in your hand receive a new coating? 
Our congratulations: You have been engaged in design. 

Since prehistoric times, man has been making and perfecting tools for himself. 

It seems that your index finger served as a handkerchief, dessert spoon and writing instrument without you ever stopping to think about it. 
Recently, it has been converting means of transportation and communications, and shortening geographic distances. All this using a short movement of less than one millimeter. 

All of this human activity is closely connected with industrial design and product development.

The Department of Industrial Design deals with paradoxes, walking on a fine line and promoting contemporary alchemy.

We are looking for compulsive young men and women who are unwilling to miss the big celebration in town, a four-year celebration – which are actually eight, because we have given up sleeping in order to continuously confront the old and new challenges facing every designer: the quest for the new, fresh, different, elegant solution. It is a never-ending war against the predictable, boring and cliché.

Industrial design is one of the only fields in which the professional needs to be both and outsider and a conformist. Both the rebel and valedictorian. An anarchist and a conservative. The designer must be true to his/her personality, conscience, worldview, and everything that distinguishes him/her from the group, while at the same time, be a team player, communicate with the world and understand scheduling constraints, budget limitations and means of production.

The department is connected to key players in the Israeli industry and trains designers who will lead projects and design products in the industrial, entrepreneurial and cultural contexts.

The sky starts at our feet. 
The future starts this very second. 
It has done this successfully and persistently for the last millions of years. 
The future has a rich past behind it. 
One of its characteristics is the element of surprise. It has always surprised us and does not plan on stopping now.  
Even when the future is predictable, planned and disciplined, it surprises. 
This is part of its power, and it always stirs curiosity.

One of the more useful ways to come closer to the experience of traveling through time is via industrial design.

Industrial design deals with so much, touches all of us, spans the globe, ranges from the low and trivial to the lofty and festive, is revolutionary while still using every cliché, is bent from the burden of definitions, and yet eludes them all.

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