Admission Requirements: The Department of Industrial Design

.The Department of Industrial Design is looking for creative and original applicants, with broad horizons and a passion desig

Applicants must have a matriculation certificate and pass a series of acceptances tests, as follows:

Stage A - Submission of home exercises:

An independent home process. Usually includes 3-5 exercises / subjects / questions that are sent to the applicant after registration. The applicant responds by designing an object that represents a personal interpretation of the subject of the exercise. We are looking for talent, original thinking, daring and lots of aesthetics - there is no correct or incorrect answer!

Stage B - Activity day:

Working throughout the day with the applicants in small groups, accompanied by lecturers and students. A personal project is submitted by each applicant at the end of the day. It is an experiential day with free-spirited and intuitive activity.

No portfolio required!

For more information and registration contact the Information and Registration Center at 1-800-55-1111 (24-hour human response) or submit details on the attached form and a study counselor will contact you as soon as possible:

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