Curriculum: The Department of Industrial Design

The Department’s studies are comprised of the following:

First year: Teaching basic skills and initial experimentation with 3D design. The curriculum is built around a main studio class, which provides the basics of the language and continues with the challenge of developing an object product. The studio class is supported by an array of additional courses, which provide tools and skills, from analog hand skills, such as 2D drawing and model construction, to use of 2D and 3D computer software.

Second year: Providing additional tools and skills, such as use of advanced Solid software and in parallel - continued designated sculpting for designers - deconstruction and reconstruction of existing products. During this year, we widen the professional perspective on the field, including all the methods of all the various industrial product development stages, and escalate the level of constraints which the students have to face. At the same time, the students will be introduced to current aspects of comprehensive and sustainable design.

Third year: During this year, the students reach maturity and begin to internalize the skill set obtained during the previous years of study. At the same time, strengthen their ability to deal with the development process of industrial products and providing layouts. This skill allows students to coordinate the product with external aspects, such as marketing, branding and strategy, as well as with concrete constraints faced by the industry when dealing with real entities. All this is done without neglecting the development of the students’ personal language and points of view.

Fourth year: Focuses on the final project and all the theoretical and professional aspects thereof, while preparing the designer for teamwork. Subjects studied during the final year include: a furniture studio, digital portfolio, a final project studio and final project seminar. 

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