Admission Requirements: The Department of Fashion Design

The Department of Fashion Design is looking for creative and original applicants, with broad horizons and a passion for fashion design. 

Applicants must have a matriculation certificate and pass a series of acceptances tests, as follows:

Stage A:

  • Drawing and color test.
  • Fashion design test (no previous knowledge required in sewing or fashion design).

Stage B:

  • Personal interview and presentation of portfolio.

The portfolio includes every creative area in which the applicant engages - photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, accessories, and so on. No prior knowledge of fashion is required for the interview, but it is recommended to be familiar with the local and international fashion scene.

In addition, the applicant must present one sewed sample that he/she designed especially for the test., together with sketches of the design process. (If you do not know how to sew, you may present a sample sewed by a professional). No sample will be accepted without sketches showing the design process.

For more information and registration contact the Information and Registration Center at 1-800-55-1111 (24-hour human response) or submit details on the attached form and a study counselor will contact you as soon as possible:

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