Welcome to the Program of Master Degree in Design

The unique Master Degree Program* in Shenkar is the first of its kind in Israel and there are few like it anywhere in the world.

In recent decades, design has become an essential strategic component in all walks of life, and Shenkar serves as an academic, research and implementation center for these creative topics.

The new program will offers a platform for continued studies for a new type of creators - innovative designers, trailblazers and future leaders, scholars, teachers, administrators, policy makers, forecasters of market developments and artists in their field.

The program has two routes: one with a thesis and the other without:

  • In the non-thesis route, the student will conduct creative design research with an emphasis on the research approach and methods that reflect innovation in design processes. At the end of this process, the student will submit an academic paper (relatively short in scope) and will present an 'exhibition' of the research findings.
  • In the thesis route, the emphasis is on writing an extensive academic paper on various topics of design and research methods in design, including a critical survey and the research itself. The thesis will revolve around design issues in the fields of fashion, textile, jewelry and accessories, from various aspects - historical, social, political, philosophical, etc.

The program encourages interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration between the departments of design and engineering at Shenkar.

In addition, we place an emphasis on the student’s connection to industrial entities, factories, key players in the industry and contemporary technologies manufacturers, as applicable.

The students will be able to express their artistic, experimental, critical and personal side in their projects, as they develop a unique creative language and emphasize the relevance of their work in the context of the local and global cultural discourse.

The studies span over two academic years, with classes taking place two days a week. The studies will have the nature of working in a laboratory - a platform for a discussion between inquisitive and industrious students and experienced, top-rate teachers, serving as an incubator for thinking, research and practical experience.

In addition to the studies themselves, the students will enjoy workshops, tours in Israel and abroad, seminars, guest lectures, studio visits, specializations, and conferences in collaboration with researchers and designers from Israel and the world.

*Receipt of the degree is subject to the approval of the Council for Higher Education.

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