Admission Requirements for The Program of Master Degree in Design

Stage 1: Threshold conditions:

  1. A four-year bachelor's degree from Shenkar or from a comparable academic institution in one of the fields of design.
  2. Minimal acceptance threshold - bachelor's degree with a weighted grade of at least 80.
  3. Candidates with an average grade lower than the acceptance threshold who completed their studies at least three years prior to the registration date are entitled to be considered by the Acceptance Committee in light of their professional and/or design achievements, as the committee deems appropriate (for example, an authorized evaluation, personal interview, consideration of achievements in complementary studies).
  4. Graduates with a three-year bachelor's degree in design who are interested in continuing on to graduate studies at Shenkar will be required to complete a number of courses, comparable to a year of study. The student will have a special status while completing the complementary coursework and will attain regular status after successfully completing this work.
  5. A student must demonstrate his or her mastery of Hebrew and English.
  6. A student who has passed an advanced level exam in Hebrew or English will be exempt from the basic exam.
  7. A student who studied English at Shenkar and received an exemption or a grade of 75 or above - will be exempt from the basic exam in English.
  8. A graduate of a high school or academy in Israel is exempt from the Hebrew exam.
  9. A graduate of a high school or academy from an English-speaking country, or who scored in the 75th percentile or higher in the verbal part of the GRE or GMAT exam is exempt from the English exam.

Stage 2: Acceptance Committee:


A candidate who meets the threshold conditions will be invited for an interview with the Acceptance Committee. At the conclusion of this stage, all of the data will be considered and a decision will be made in regard to each candidate.


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