The registration process

Applicants may register online or via the Information Center:

  • Online registration: Direct and quick registration is possible via the Online Registration button. All of the standard registration rules apply to online registration.
    Notice: A local credit card must be used for online registration!
  • Registration via the Information Center: Applicants may register by telephone: 1-800-55-1111 (local call only) or at the Information Center at 125 Bialik Street, Ramat Gan.

Registration fees:

  • Departments of the Faculty of Engineering: registration fee of 350 shekels.
  • Departments of the Faculty of Design: registration fee of 350 shekels, plus a test fee of 400 shekels - a total of 750 shekels.
  • Applicants registering for two departments in the Faculty of Design will pay a test fee of 500 shekels - a total of 850 shekels.
  • Note: the registration fees are non-refundable!

Documents required for registration:

  • Matriculation certificate: An authorized copy of the matriculation certificate or an authorized matriculation document from abroad that is translated and notarized as equivalent to a matriculation certificate issued by the Ministry of Education (The Unit for Evaluating High School Education from Israel and Abroad, telephone: 02-5601371/2).
    Those who have yet to receive a certificate should submit confirmation of eligibility for a certificate from the Ministry of Education, including grades. This requirement also applies to applicants who have a degree in Practical Engineering.
    Applicants who have yet to receive official authorization from the Ministry of Education regarding their eligibility for a matriculation certificate may submit the Confirmation of Matriculation Scores form, filled and signed by the high school principal.  
  • This applies only to a matriculation certificate from Israel!
  • ID card / passport: A photocopy of the page of personal information from the applicant's ID card or passport (for those who do not have an Israeli ID card).
  • Passport pictures: Applicants must submit 2 passport pictures (3.5 x 4.5 cm) and write their full name and ID / passport number on the back of the pictures.
  • Psychometric exam / Practical Engineering certificate: Applicants registering for the engineering departments are required to submit confirmation of their psychometric test score or a Practical Engineering diploma and transcript of grades. Those who have yet to receive a diploma should provide written notification of late submission of the diploma.
  • Agreement, filled in and signed.
  • Additional requirements for the master's degree: Original or certified copy of the undergraduate degree, transcript of grades and an up-to-date resume.
  • Requests for exceptions, such as late submission of documents, should be accompanied by aletter of intent and relevant documentation.

Practical engineers

  • The standard registration procedures also apply to practical engineers. In addition, they are required to submit a transcript of grades and a diploma.
  • Applicants with an average grade of 90 or above in external exams and in the final project are except from the psychometric test. A separate discussion will be conducted for an applicant whose average score is below 90.
  • Practical engineers are eligible for an exemption from certain courses based on their previous studies.
  • The duration of studies for practical engineers who are completing a degree depends on the exemptions approved for the student by the department head, the course load the student chooses, and scheduling constraints.

Confirmation of registration

An applicant who registers for studies will receive confirmation of registration via email immediately upon reception of the information by the registration office. The confirmation of registration indicates that the applicant's registration has been entered into the system. This confirmation does not constitute a confirmation of acceptance to Shenkar.

Acceptance notice

Applicants who meet all of the admission requirements will receive an email message with notification of their acceptance, and will be asked to make arrangements for the initial tuition payment.

Rejection notice

Rejected applications will receive a message about the rejection. Applicants who are rejected from one department may apply to another department whose admission requirements match their qualifications, provided that the registration is still open. (We recommend that applicants register for both departments at the initial stage.)

Notic: All of the notices are issued by Shenkar in Hebrew

Request to switch / add department:

A request to switch departments may be submitted via email only to the registration office. Such requests should note the applicants' full personal data, the departments for which they have registered, and their new choice of departments.

  • A request for change within the Faculty of Design may be submitted up until the registration deadline.

Cancellation of registration

  • Applicants who decide to cancel their registration must notify Shenkar in writing only via the Cancellation of Studies form (Click here to download the form).
  • The cancellation takes effect on the date the notification is received at the registration office.
  • Applicants who cancel their studies by August 15, 2015 will be entitled to receive a full refund of their initial tuition payment.
  • Applicants who cancel their studies from August 16, 2015 through September 15, 2015 will be entitled to receive a 50% refund of their initial tuition payment.


  • Notifications from the registration office are intended to update the applicant. However, if a notification is not received or is received late, this does not exempt the applicant from meeting all requirements.
  • Applicants who are accepted for studies must make the initial tuition payment by the stipulated date; if payment is not made, the applicant's acceptance will be canceled.
  • A refund of the test fee in the Faculty of Design will be made only if the applicants provide notice of their cancellation prior to the date of the test. Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Demobilized IDF soldiers accepted for studies who present a combat soldier ID are eligible for a refund of the registration fee after beginning their studies.

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