Welcome to the Unit for History and Philosophy of Art, Design and Technology

The Unit for History and Philosophy of Art, Design and Technology is a multidisciplinary unit that offers an intellectual body of information, which serves as the infrastructure for the study of design, art and culture. Thus, it stands at the cutting edge of research in these fields.

Mandatory courses include the history of art and design, as of ancient times and continuing through the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the 21st century, as well as writing and research seminars that include instruction on writing a final thesis.

In addition, the Program's lecturers teach courses in philosophy and the foundations of Western thought, aesthetics and visual culture, as well as courses that focus on particular cultural movements and the various arts and their connections to aesthetics, gender, communications, politics and more. Thus, the department complements the bachelor's degree curriculum and fits in with the practical work.

The program was founded by Prof. Micha Levin and I am happy to continue his legacy. The goal is to provide students with the necessary educational and conceptual system, including both textual abilities and theoretical tools, for creative work and critical humanistic thinking. To that end, we expose the students to a range of theories, intellectual arguments, analysis of cultural phenomena and skeptical methods. This is more important than ever as we face dogmatic conventions and paradigms.

In a materialistic-capitalist era, in which the contemplative and creative spirit is shunted aside in favor of utilitarianism, we re-emphasize the theoretical-critical-ethical layer in the creative, visual, environmental, figurative and conceptual disciplines that take part in creating the reality in which we live.

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