The Unit for History and Philosophy of Art, Design and Technology Standards

95-100  Excellent
85-94    Very Good
75-84    Good
66-74    Fair
60-65    Poor
55         Fail
06         Entitled to hand in late

Explanation of Grades:
In the official transcript of grades, the following entries appear that are not grades and they are calculated into the student's overall grade point average as a 0 (zero):

  • The student did not take an exam
  • Failed
  • Did not submit a project / paper
  • Did not complete class assignments

It is very important to make sure that the courses appearing in the Meda-Net system fully correspond to the courses the student is actually taking. The academic coordinator should be notified in the case of any discrepancy.

It is important to realize that a grade of 0, even if due to technical reasons, can dramatically pull down the grade point average and even lead to expulsion from studies.

In addition, it should be noted that unexcused absences from class can result in a failing grade and even expulsion from studies.

Obligation to submit projects/papers or take-home exams on time:
Projects/papers and take-home exams must be submitted by the date publicized on the Meda-Net system or assigned in class. Requests for extensions must be submitted on an official form to the coordinator of The Unit for History and Philosophy of Art, Design and Technology. 

Obligation to attend classes

  • A student is allowed up to 3 unexcused absences from class (including the period of changes during the first two weeks of each semester).
  • The lecturer will check attendance at each class.
  • Excused absences - illness or military duty - require a standard approval. More than 3 unexcused absences will result in a failing grade in the course without advance notice.

Obligation to arrive on time for class:
Students may not arrive late for class. A student who arrives late will not be allowed to enter the class and will be marked as absent.

Appealing grades:

  • An appeal of a grade must be made within 7 days of receiving the grade. A student wishing to appeal a grade must enter the Meda-Net system and fill in a request for an appeal.
  • The student will receive an answer within two weeks of receiving the appeal. If the student wishes to appeal the lecturer's decision, he or she is entitled to turn to the department head, who will decide whether to convene an appeals committee.

Exemptions from courses based on previous studies:

  • A request for an exemption from courses in the Unit for History and Philosophy of Art, Design and Technology must be submitted on an official form. 
  • The form must be submitted to the coordinator of the student's department, together with the relevant documents from the student's previous studies.
  • In the case of a partial exemption - that is, the student will take an exam or present a final paper/project without attending the course - the student must also decide whether to opt for a pass/fail grade or a numeric grade.
  • The program coordinator will inform the student's department of the decision made by the head of the  Unit for History and Philosophy of Art, Design and Technology.

 Changes in course selection:

  • A student may cancel or change participation in a course within the first two weeks of each semester.
  • During the first two weeks of each semester, students may choose to register for elective courses in the Unit or cancel their registration.
  • During these two weeks, the students have an opportunity to attend the various classes and check their suitability.
  • At the end of this period, no changes will be allowed, and the student's choices for that semester will be considered final.

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