Curriculum and Majors: The Department of Visual Communication

Most of the studies at The Department of Visual Communication are conducted in the format of studio lessons. In addition, the students participate in workshop and lab courses in which they learn techniques, materials, programs, computer use, etc. The studies also include theoretical and seminary courses.

The first and second years include a wide variety of fields and focus on understanding design processes, development of professional expertise and gaining basic tools. Towards the end of the first year, students choose whether to continue with the design program or study illustration and animation.

The illustration and Animations Study Program: This unique program for illustration and animation is the only program of its kind in Israel. Students electing this program specialize in illustration for three years.

The program exposes students to all aspects of illustration and animation: illustration deals with creating visual imagery with respect to certain text and content, while animation includes also time and cinematography in the creation (including script, direction and soundtrack).

During the third and fourth years, the study program changes and is comprised of three different types of courses:

Pan-departmental Design Courses: Mandatory courses on various design professions, intended to develop the student’s abilities as a designer influencing the content of his/her work.

Some of these courses continue providing knowledge and an opportunity to experience various aspects of graphic design, while others revolve around specific subjects, which require the student to define a personal project and elect the format thereof, subject to the objectives of the project and the student’s perception of such subject.

Specialization studio courses: In graphic design, interactive design and design for the screen.

Auxiliary courses: The auxiliary courses include subjects from parallel study programs in the Department of Visual Communication. These courses will enable students to experience subjects not taught in their elected major, while improving their ability to transfer among various platform, subjects and fields..

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