Professor Yoram Halevi Appointed Dean of the Pernick Faculty of Engineering

Professor Yoram Halevi Appointed Dean of the Pernick Faculty of Engineering

Shenkar College is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Yoram Halevi as dean of the Pernick Faculty of Engineering.

Professor Yoram Halevi holds all three of his degrees from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He had been a faculty member at the Technion since 1987, and until his recent retirement he held the James H. Belfer Chair in Mechanical Engineering.

He has served, among other things, as dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and dean of the Division of Continuing Education and External Studies at the Technion, and as president of the Israel Association of Automatic Control (IAAC), the Israeli national member organization of IFAC. Prof. Halevi is involved in extensive international activities, has been appointed to universities and research institutes in the United States and Europe, chaired international conferences, and serves as the editor of a scientific journal. His main area of research is automatic control, and over the years he has researched many subjects relating to models, control of communication networks, flexible structures, and optimization of robot tracks. His graduates work in the leading universities and companies in the country. Prof. Halevi is a Fellow at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and is the recipient of the Yanai Prize for Excellence in Academic Education and Strengthening Faculty-Student Relations.

Prof. Halevi will replace Prof. Shmuel Kenig, who has served as dean of the Faculty of Engineering since 2007 and was recently appointed vice president and director of the Research and Development Authority at Shenkar.

From Prof. Yoram Halevi: “I am very happy to be joining Shenkar College, which boasts a unique combination of design and engineering and demonstrates academic excellence in both fields. Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, we were in the midst of a revolution in defining which skills will be required of an engineer in the coming years and on the threshold of major changes in academic education. The transition to distance learning resulting from the pandemic has accelerated these changes even more, and it’s clear that when the pandemic is over, we will not return to the way things were before. The biggest challenge we face now is integrating the tremendous possibilities of online and digital learning while maintaining a personal relationship with each student, both in the classroom and outside it.”

From Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli, President of Shenkar: “On behalf of the entire Shenkar community, and especially the members of the Faculty of Engineering, I would like to congratulate Prof. Yoram Halevi on joining us. Yoram brings with him rich experience, an enthusiastic spirit, and a promising vision. Prof. Halevi's background demonstrates his impressive scientific qualities and his commitment to education, all while acting with quiet and confident leadership. I am convinced the Pernick Faculty of Engineering will reach new heights under his guidance.”


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