Space for Everyone: A Place for People with Disabilities to Feel at Home

“This program allows me to demonstrate my talents and my professional abilities irrespective of my disabilities.” We are incredibly excited to share the stories of Danielle Ongo-Levi (a student in the Department of Visual Communication) and Noam Frankel (a graduate of the Department of Fashion Design), who are participating in Fiverr Empower—a program for students and graduates with disabilities who possess unique digital capabilities and who seek to offer their services as freelancers.

The program provides real and valuable opportunities by providing additional support and training to assist students and graduates with disabilities in earning money and empowering themselves (emotionally and professionally). Together with “Hila—The Student Advancement Center at Shenkar” and alongside other students and graduates, Danielle and Noam are able to overcome barriers and prove there is a path to a more equal world.

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