TimeOut: Extraordinary Fashion - Co.Co & Shenkar College pair up for a fab collab

Fashion enthusiasts listen up: February 22nd will be the official launch date of the joint design venture by the CO.CO fashion brand and students of the Fashion Design Department at Shenkar College.

For some time now, students in their third year at Shenkar have been participating in a special course titled "Extraordinary" under the guidance of Idit Barak and Anna Solo. The course examines the gap between conceptual design that is part of the academic world and the 'real world', where the designer must have a dialogue with the clients about ideas, wishes and dreams.

During the course, 16 students created two designs. One that is 'Extraordinary' - free of any external considerations, whereby the design is true only to the student’s creative mind. And another that is more down to earth, which is created while taking into consideration the needs of the client, but still keeping the designer's basic character.

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