Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, President of Shenkar, at The Marker’s HRevolution Conference: “When people are continually learning, they create a new kind of world.”

The dynamic employment market has changed the role of higher education. “Education is the main engine driving employment and the economy,” said professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, president of Shenkar, at The Marker’s HRevolution Conference

“Globalization, artificial intelligence and this era of the explosion of knowledge are reshaping the way we design learning processes, admissions requirements, syllabi and curriculums. They must also shape how you recruit employees and send them back to us for continuing education.”

According to Rafaeli, the higher education system is having to adapt to global changes, such as short-term jobs and the gig economy. “An economy in which there are lower expectations for permanence should be an economy for which the training is different,” he explained. “Is it appropriate for study programs to be four to six years long? Is it appropriate that we have educated people entering the job market only when they are approaching thirty? These are questions that affect the market, as do the expectations of employees to continue learning throughout their career, with an emphasis on online learning. When people are continually learning, they create a new kind of world.”    

“In addition, artificial intelligence, which threatens traditional work paradigms, is knocking on our door more and more; and we in education need a response to this,” Rafael emphasized. “We need to educate and train people differently and prepare employees for the prospect that workplaces will be recruiting in different ways.”

The HRevolution 2022 Conference by The Marker presents a complex picture of the current Israeli job market, top trends, challenges, opportunities, and most importantly – the people with whom we will lead the change and growth. 

The conference took place on Monday, 28 November 2022.

Photography: Liat Mandel

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