Graduates Tehila Nachum introducd superhydrophobic coating for Icephobic applications

On December 2nd The UML Nanomanufacturing  Executive Advisory Board meeting was held. The main objective of the board meeting is to distinguish UML Nanomanufacturing Center from other institutions and to highlight the multifunctionality of our materials solutions by showing how we can lead to better and more competitive products.

One of the main highlight of UML Nanomanufacturing Center has been focused on is developing superhydrophobic coating for Icephobic applications in a tight collaboration with Shenkar College, The Pernick Faculty of Engineering. Ice adhesion on surfaces such as aircraft wings, power line cables etc, is a severe problem which causes loss of lives and huge costs in terms of structural damage and accidents.  

We developed fast, easy and cost effective superhydrophobic coating and I was honored to introduce our key value-added technology in this board meeting with a big success. 

This is the place to thanks the Pernick Fund that has been sending students from the Plastics Engineering Department in Shenkar to a PhD program in UMass Lowell. I wouldn't be here without their support.

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