Student from the master's program participated in an international seminar in the Netherlands on antibacterial biomedical materials

International material research: Tal Spiegel - graduate student from the department of plastics engineering in Shenkar - took part in a unique seminar in the Netherland held by iPROMEDAI, a European Union exclusive program. Speigel’s academic adviser participated as well in the seminar on the topic of antibacterial biomedical materials. 

24 outstanding students from all over Europe were chosen to participate in the COST Action TD1305 program, where they learned to characterize biomedical materials and examined whether they are fit for use in antibacterial medical devices. 

During the seminar, that took place in Amsterdam and Groningen, Speigel examined whether models she brought from her own research can cause termination or delay bacteria growth. Meanwhile, she participated in a master class by iPROMEDAI lecturers from Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin and Bradford.

Tal Speigel at the seminar in the Netherlands. (Photo: PR)

The iPROMEDAI organization, sponsored by the European Union, is working to promote and create collaborations between academic institutions in Europe. Its goal is to share knowledge, promote studies and developing bacteria resistant sustainable materials for biomedical uses. 

The program Speigel participated in aims to give master’s students further knowledge of topics related to microbiology and biophysical phenomenon.


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