Scholarship Activities at Shenkar

Throughout the academic year, dozens of students participate in scholarship activities as part of their studies at Shenkar. Here are some of the extraordinary stories of Shenkar working with companies and organizations for the benefit of the community:

Project MAX

MAX is an educational-impact program for technological social leadership. In the program, multidisciplinary task forces of 12th grade students studying tech subjects work together with students and graduates of business development and design to identify solutions to social challenges faced by nonprofits and organizations. In the framework of the program, the taskforces specify and execute prototypes and preliminary products that are valuable for both society and the environment. The program generates social change by germinating the technological impact ventures developed within its framework and implementing them in the social business world. During the academic year, MAX partnered with eleven scholarship students studying design in various departments at Shenkar. The program’s scholarship students took part in the development, specification, and design of apps that provide solutions for organizations’ existing needs, as well as in designing presentations, marketing content, and internal projects for the organizations.


For this project, Mika Meidar, a second-year visual communications student, and her team worked with the nonprofit “House of Wheels”. They specified and developed a personally tailored app that organizes the daily activities of people with physical disabilities and concentrates all available activities, both within the organization and outside it, in an accessible and adaptable manner. Mika was responsible for designing the screens for the system management interface.


In the framework of this project, Ariel Medina, a visual communications designer studying for a master’s in design at Shenkar, and his team worked in collaboration with the nonprofit “Beterem – Safe Kids Israel” to define and develop a product featuring a smart camera that notifies swimming pool owners when a toddler or child enters the pool area without supervision. The product’s aim is to prevent children from entering the pool unsupervised, which can lead to a danger of drowning. Ariel was in charge of designing the app and the materials for the product’s kit.

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