"The progress of AI is astonishing. It raises many questions and many doubts." Shenkar's Young Friends Club hosted an evening dedicated to AI.

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, the Shenkar Members Club hosted a multidisciplinary members evening about AI. 

The theme of the evening was "everything you wanted to know about AI and didn't dare ask." It included a hands-on meeting with various artificial intelligence tools and the technologies and concepts being discussed everywhere, with creators and entrepreneurs in the field.

The chairperson of Shenkar's board of trustees, Orit Efrati, talked about the various uses of artificial intelligence, from design and technology to the courts. "The progress of artificial intelligence is astonishing. It raises many questions and many doubts. This evening is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to discover the world of AI."

אורית אפרתי

Orit Efrati

"The meeting between creativity and computerization represents the confluence we are trying to maximize here at Shenkar. This meeting can and should find a place for itself here at Shenkar – a place with world-class revolutionary designers and engineering activities," said professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, president of Shenkar, in his opening remarks at the beginning of the conference, in which he emphasized the importance of engaging in artificial intelligence technologies at Shenkar.

פרופ' שיזף רפאלי

Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli

Among the speakers at the event was the artist and entrepreneur Vico Sharabani, founder of The Artery VFX, one of the world's most respected visual effects companies. Sharabani, who over the years has worked with big names such as Wes Anderson and Beyoncé, introduced his project "Cynthia" – an AI robot that communicated with the audience in real-time. Cynthia, who has already become a popular figure on TikTok, reacts quickly, learns and develops based on the information it gathers

ויקו שהרבני

Vico Sharabani

There was also a conversation between the illustrator and lecturer, Itzik Rennert, and the journalist and comedian Racheli Rottner, during which they discussed how artificial intelligence affects artists' work and whether it genuinely can replace great creators in their fields.

רחלי רוטנר ואיציק רטנר

Racheli Rottner and Itzik Renner

גיל פרי

Gil Perry

Gil Perry, CEO and co-founder of D-ID, explained the hot technological trends of 2023 from his perspective as a global pioneer in the field. Next, Ben Benhorin, an artist and lecturer at Shenkar, presented a concise overview of the world of synthetic images – from automation and learning machines to artificial intelligence and creative machines. Finally, Rotem Codish, a fourth-year student in the Department of Visual Communication, demonstrated how AI software like Midjourney works.

בן בנחורין

Ben Benhorin

רותם קודיש

Rotem Codish

Other guests and speakers at the event included Zvi Yemini, chairman of the executive committee at Shenkar, Assi Bertfeld, Ligad Rotlevy, Shuki Schwartz, Michal Barak, Yael Lev Ari, Dana Unger, Yael Har Zvi, Tali Goren, Dana Magen, Moshe Gaon, Hanan Laschover, Ido Isaac, Ronen Shahrabani, Adi Shahrabani, Inbal Kreiss, and the founders of Shenkar's Young Friends Club: Gal Shenfeld, Miri Tuchmeir, Tal Goren and Hadas Fuhrer.

Gal Shenfeld, Miri Tuchmeir, Tal Goren and Hadas Fuhrer

ליגד רוטלוי, אסי  ברטפלד וצבי ימיני

Ligad Rotlevy, Assi Bertfeld, Zvi Yemini

יעל לב ארי, דנה אונגר, יעל הרצבי, מירי טוכמאייר

Yael Lev Ari, Dana Unger, Yael Har Zvi, Miri Tuchmeir

Published February 8, 2023

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