Congratulations! Prof. Shmuel Kenig Won the Innovation Award of the International Polymer Processing Society

The Innovation Award of the International Polymer Processing Society (PPS) for the year 2018 was awarded to Prof. Shmuel Kenig, the Dean of the Pernick Faculty of Engineering. Prof. Kenig is the first Israeli to win the Society's distinguished award for innovation and creativity.

Membership in the Polymer Processing Society (PPS) is limited to researchers, and consists mainly of academic staff from countries around the world. The Society promotes international cooperation in polymer's technology with the aim of deepening the technological understanding and innovation including polymer materials, processing methods of polymers and final plastic products.

The Innovation Award is awarded to an academician or industry researcher for innovative development that has been realized in industrial application in polymer science and technology. The award was awarded to Prof. Kenig for three generic patents, emanating from research projects conducted in the Department of Plastics and Polymers Engineering and the Israel Plastics and Rubber Center. The patents are related to nanotechnology and deal with prevention of corrosion in metals and retardation of flames in plastic materials. 

"The inventions were exclusively transferred to Nanto Cleantech (registered in Italy, Israel and the United States), for payment of royalties. The applications based on patents were commercialized two years ago in Europe, Israel, China  and were allowed in many countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Far East, ensuring the protection of products and their sale in international markets"

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