Shenkar Talks 2016: Creative Conversations

Some of the brightest minds in Shenkar gathered for a special evening of talks about their vision and work. They are all faculty members and graduates, specifically chosen due to their groundbreaking work in their field. They do have at least one thing in common - creativity. By that, they represent the spirit of Shenkar - Innovation in our three columns - engineering, art, and design. 

Shenkar Talks 2016:

When you hear the word comics, who do you think about: Superman? Batman? Asaf Hanuca's superheroes were child soldiers in Burma! Asaf is a comics artist, teaching illustration and comics at the Visual Design Department of Shenkar.

In his talk, Asaf took the audience to journey from reality to fantasy and back, which all started with the front page of a magazine.

Asaf Hanuka's Talk:

Why does a person spend 20 years sticking things together, and then spends the next 20 on preventing things from sticking? Prof. Hanna Dodiuk, who has been doing that for the last 40 years, tried to answer that in her talk. 

Prof. Dodiuk is the Head of Shenkar's Polymers and Plastics Engineering department. She has 22 patents, and consults to companies worldwide - Moreover, she still makes time to be a grandmother to 4 grandchildren. Hanna shared in her talk how the bible and nature were the source of her groundbreaking inventions.

Prof. Dudiok's Talk:

Dreaming to touch the moon? Alex Padwa is on his way there! 

Alex is a car and product designer, the former head of the Industrial Design Department in Shenkar, and a designer at Citroen, Paris. Today, he heads the Padwa Design studio and is a senior tutor in Shenkar. 

Alex Padwa's Talk:

Dr. Dan Lewitus - a senior staff member at the Polymers and Plastics Engineering Department -  started his academic way in Shenkar, since then he become an expert in Bio-Medical polymers. 

In his talk, Dr. Lewitus described how he arrived to his position and explained the meaning of his researches.

Dan Lewitu's Talk:

Take an engineering, design, and art students, put them in a single creative space, and what do you get? 

Michal Rinott, founding director of the Kadar design and technology center, gave a first look into the newest lab at Shenkar and the outcomes were kvery surprising!

Michal Rinott's Talk:

Downloadable, printable clothing may be coming to a closet near you. What started as designer Danit Peleg's Shenkar project, turned into a collection of 3D-printed designs that have the strength and flexibility for everyday wear. 

Danit graduated from Shenkar last year and now advises designers and fashion houses on new technologies. So how will our world look like when our clothes will be digital?

Danit Peleg's Talk:

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