Shenkar Statement on Discrimination

In recent days, concerning statements have been made in the public arena regarding the intentions of certain individuals and groups to enshrine in legislation discrimination based on race, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

As an institute of higher education in engineering, design and art, Shenkar takes great pride in its diverse community of students and staff, which we see as a reflection of Israel's own vibrant and heterogeneous society.

Shenkar's code of ethics defines core guiding principles of respect, freedom of expression, fairness and integrity. It is from this that we draw our commitment to respect for all individuals, to support for fundamental freedoms, democratic values, rule of law, an open mind and acceptance of others.

Thriving artistic expression, innovation and learning are only possible in an environment that prizes diversity and inclusion. Our code of ethics and core values emphasize tolerance and acceptance, compassion and freedom of expression, and these guide our hand at all times. We will continue to defend these values and will stand up to those who would violate them.

Over the coming days, we will continue to use our platform to share works by our students and alumni that celebrate diversity and difference and the need – and joy – in accepting the other.

We, the undersigned,

Orit Efrati, Chair of Shenkar's Board of Trustees

Zvi Yemini, Chair of the Executive Committee

Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, President of Shenkar

Yoni Even Tov, CEO of Shenkar

And the entire Shenkar community

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