Collaboration Between Morocco’s UEMF University and Shenkar

Following the signing of a mutual agreement in the field of research and innovation in science between Israel and Morocco in May, UEMF: L'Université Euromed de Fès in Morocco hosted a large delegation from Shenkar which included Shenkar’s chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr. Zvi Yemini, the president of Shenkar, professor Sheizaf Rafaeli; vice president of Shenkar, professor Shmuel Kenig; professors Yael Moriah and Yoram Halevi, the deans of the design and engineering faculties respectively; and the head of the master’s degree program in polymer materials engineering, professor Hanna Dodiuk. André Azoulay, a senior advisor to his Royal Highness King Mohammed VI, also participated in the visit remotely.

Right to left: professors Yoram Halevi, Hanna Dodiuk, Mustafa Bosmina, Sheizaf Rafaeli, Yael Moriah, Shmuel Kenig

As part of the visit, the two institutions signed a partnership agreement which will form the basis of a long-term bilateral collaboration. Under this partnership, UEMF and Shenkar will work on developing courses and research programs in areas of common interest, such as the digital transformation, artificial intelligence, innovation in agriculture and energy, and art and design. The collaboration will also student and lecturer-researcher exchanges.

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