Graduate of the Department of Textile Design won a prestigious grant from the Chief Scientist Office

A new technology, a traditional industry: Leon Ben-Harush’s final project has won a grant from the Chief Scientist Office that will support her efforts to finalize the product.

Ben-Harush, who graduated from the Department of Textile Design, developed a technology that enables the use of standard production equipment to develop innovative weaving products in 3D. With Ben-Harush’s technology, it will be possible to bring substantial business innovation to the textile market, without replacing existing knowledge, equipment or resources.

Ben-Harush’s final project: using new technology for a traditional industry (photo: PR) 

In her final project Photos of Nature, Ben-Harush demonstrates her technology through a collection of woven fabrics designed for home use and inspired by occurrences of changes in nature. Working within the traditional industry program at the Chief Scientist Office she will receive means to develop and apply her technology and also to promote and market it in the industry. 

Earlier this year, another Shenkar graduate from the Department of Textile Design has won the grant – Elinor Rosenthal – for developing a new ecological textile that is water resistant. 

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