Congratulations to Dr. Naum Naveh on his Promotion to Associate Professor

Shenkar congratulates Naum Naveh, senior faculty member at the Department of Polymer Materials Engineering (bachelor’s and master’s degrees), on receiving the position of associate professor!

The bachelor’s and master’s degree tracks in the Department of Polymer Materials Engineering at Shenkar now have seven full-time professors who make up the department's senior faculty and lead the academic program in both tracks as well as the department's extensive and diverse research work. His promotion is a great honor for both the department and Shenkar.

Professor Hana Dodiuk, head of the master’s degree program for polymer materials, said, “Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to professor Naum Naveh and the Department of Polymer Materials Engineering staff, all of whom are leading professors in their fields. The professors succeed in teaching at a high level, raising research grants, and of course presenting and publishing the research at leading conferences and journals in the field. You are a source of immense pride!” 

Dr. Naveh is an expert in polymeric materials and technologies and the development of components from plastic materials, elastomers, composite and nano-composite materials. He is also the CEO of the Israel Plastics & Rubber Center.

Dr. Naveh holds a Ph.D. (honors) in a direct Ph.D. track (1992). He previously received a bachelor’s degree with honors at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in the Technion. From 1992-1994, he researched the behavior of insoluble multi-component polymeric systems as part of a post-doctorate in the Faculty of Materials Engineering at the Technion – for which he received the Levi Eshkol Award, awarded to him by the President of Israel.

In 1995, Dr. Naveh was awarded the Katzir Scholarship for Outstanding Researchers on behalf of the Ministry of Defense and joined Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, where he held a series of managerial positions for some twenty years, eventually serving as chief engineer of technological production. As part of his work at the company, he developed critical components for operational systems of national importance. From 2004-2005, he spent a sabbatical year at the University of Toronto, Canada, and led research on fluoropolymers for the printing industry, funded by Xerox Canada.

Dr. Naveh has published many articles in professional journals and has lectured at international conventions. 

At the top of the page: Dr. Naum Naveh’s speech (Photo: Ahikam Ben Yosef)

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