Prof. Joey Mead - Pernick Nanotechnology Professor in UMass Lowell announced the continuation of a joint doctoral program with the Department of Polymers and Plastics Engineering at Shenkar

Prof. Joey Mead of the Plastics Engineering Department at the University of Massachusetts, who holds the distinguished title of "The Pernick Nanotechnology Professor", participated last week in a series of seminars and meetings with faculty members of the Department of Polymers and Plastics Engineering in Shenkar.  Prof. Mead participated at the graduation ceremony at Shenkar (see photo) and was impressed by the ceremony, the colorful robes of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Design, and the distinguished atmosphere at the ceremony.

The main themes of the seminars and meetings held by Prof. Mead, covered advanced polymers and textiles, and particularly the transition process from research to production on advanced topics of nanotechnology, flexible electronics and three-dimensional printing. Three research subjects were selected for participation of Shenkar' s students related to the final projects of B.Sc. degree, research projects for M.Sc. degree under joint supervision, and continuation of the doctoral studies for selected students from Shenkar to be carried out in the University of Massachusetts and Shenkar. The joint doctoral program between Shenkar and the University of Massachusetts began in 2010 and is funded by the David and Frances Pernick (z"l) Fund. As part of the program, eight Shenkar graduates completed their doctorate in plastics and polymers at the University of Massachusetts and two others are at different stages of their doctoral studies.

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