Research teams from Shenkar and the Polytechnic University of Milan will set off on a journey in the footsteps of ancient Acre

"The Polytechnic University of Milan and Shenkar College both have a history of excellence, and now, both institutions will work together in a fascinating historical journey", said the dean of the design faculty, Professor Yarom Vardimon, as he officially announced the collaboration between the two institutions for research and documentation of ancient Acre.

The city of Acre, one of the oldest port cities in the world, was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2001 as it preserves important archaeological artifacts from different eras. The research documentation, led by the department of Interior Building & Environment Design, will be carried out using state of the art equipment, including laser scanning and photogrammetry.

Through these methods, the research will give a better understanding of new digital documentation technologies, and more specifically, the possibilities of mapping with a Point Cloud - the technique that creates 3D imaging and enables historical structures accurate research and restoration to take place.

Professor Yarom Vardimon (right) at the collaboration announcement event with the Polytechnic University of Milan (Photo: PR) 

"The joint project sends out a message that the combination between academia, new media and the industry is the key to a better world”, said professor Vardimon in a meeting with senior representatives of the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy (to read the full speech click here).

The Acre project will join similar advanced research held by Shenkar researchers in other world heritage locations around the globe such as Massada, Villa La Petraia of the Medici family in Italy, Svaneti in Georgia and Petra in Jordan. The findings of these research were presented last year at an international exhibition in Florence and Shenkar. 

Top of page: Allies in ancient Acre (Photo: Flicker, Oarranzli – creative commons)

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