Every end is a new beginning: An interview with Prof. Amos Ophir

Prof. Amos Ophir has been active in Israel’s polymers and plastics industry for more than thirty years.

He has also had a long and distinguished career in the Department of Polymers and Plastics Engineering at Shenkar, and the Israel Plastics and Rubber Center. The past five and a half years have been the formal pinnacle of his career, during which he has served as the CEO of the Center; however, I am sure that his path has been paved with many additional professional pinnacles.

Prof. Ophir is currently concluding his tenure as CEO of the Center, and assuming a new, no less challenging, role as Head of the Department of Polymers and Plastics Engineering at Shenkar. In his new role, he will be responsible for training students for academic degrees alongside academic research. This is a particularly important role for the future of the local polymers and plastics industry, and for all the industries whose products rely on polymer technologies.

Anyone who is familiar with the quality of its graduates, knows that Shenkar is the leading academic institution, training students for dedicated roles in the plastics and rubber industry, as well as many other industries. Its graduates are currently working in a wide range of plants in Israel, filling key positions. 

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