Nir Scheyer, Graduate of the Department of Visual Communication, Presents His Work in the London Design Biennale's Online Exhibition: "Design in an Age of Crisis"

In these days of lockdowns and a pandemic, when visiting museums isn't possible, we embrace any opportunity to see new exhibitions in original ways.

Nir Scheyer, graduate of the Department of Visual Communication, was recently invited to participate in the online exhibition "Design in an Age of Crisis", created by the London Design Biennale. The new exhibition, which includes artists and designers from all over the world, touches on international human issues that have arisen since the coronavirus pandemic, including the state of global health, changes in the world's climate, the widening economic gaps in our society, and the urgent transformations we are seeing, which pave the way into the unknown.

Working with curator and lecturer Hila Shaltieli, Nir presents in the exhibition his senior project (supervised by Nadav Barkan and Yoav Gati), "ANIMA(L)TED": a typological, mythological, graphic study of hybrid identity, which documents the development of ideas, thoughts, and creative processes activated by connections that are not always obvious.

"ANIMA(L)TED" is a computerized system of rules, which allows the creation of thousands of new symbols from just a few basic symbols. "ANIMA(L)TED" is the result of formal/graphic research aimed at expanding the field of creativity while processing it into a tool for contemporary and imaginative thinking.

To view Nir's project in the exhibition click here!

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