Corona epidemic - Shankar management's statement


Dear Students, 
The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the Israeli economy and society in a dramatic way and in all facets of daily life, including higher education. Yesterday, the Israeli government decided to close all academic institutions and the implications of this are postponement of studies indefinitely, including frontal lectures, exams and tests, labs and workshops. 
Following an evaluation of the current situation with all deans and academic department heads, as well as the administration, it has been decided to postpone studies until Sunday March 22, 2020. 
The postponement of studies will allow our faculty to establish online studies so that students will be prepared for distance learning studies only, as per the instructions set forth by the Ministry of Health. The department heads and management team are available for any questions or concerns that you may have regarding this matter. 
The Hela Center and Dean of Students will continue to function as usual and will be able to provide assistance to all students. 
Shenkar will assist with the making up of academic studies for its students and will provide alternative class times for absent students in quarantine. Students that are interested in knowing about special and unique circumstances are invited to contact their academic department, Dean of Students and the Hela Center. 
Students that reside in an at risk population center are asked to contact their academic department coordinator so that they can provide you and plan for the best possible care  both academically and welfare - related. 
We are determined to provide the best academic alternative to all of our students and are working together with the Student Union in order to allow for studies amidst the current restrictions and guidelines from the Ministry of Health. 
You are also welcomed to connect via chat on our website and social media sites of the Student Union in order to receive answers regarding all questions and concerns you may have during this confusing period. Questions posed on the website will be redirected to the relevant Student Union representative at the college. 
We are here to support you on every issue and in every way possible - together we will deal with this very complicated period that lies ahead. 
Professor Yuli Tamir 
Shenkar College 

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