New at Shenkar: A Campus Navigation App

Do you get lost on Shenkar’s campus, too? You’re not alone (even this writer can’t explain how to get from the Pernick Building to the Mitchell Building without a map).

Starting today, it will be possible to get around the college using the Navin app, a system for navigating within buildings that will take you right to the place you need.

The app allows you to navigate inside closed buildings such as airports, hospitals, and universities, because its system doesn’t rely on satellite reception. Instead, data about the movement of the smartphone communications of passers-by is collected and monitored – in other words, it is a crowd sourced navigation app. In this way, every building everywhere in the world is automatically covered with no need for special adjustments. The technology anonymously tracks people’s location using their smartphones’ sensors, while creating movement patterns based on big data from millions of points. The bottom line is that you can navigate an airport in a foreign country, even straight from your flight desk within the terminal.

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Photo credit: Or Dadon

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