Mor Berger, Fresh Graduate of the Department of Jewelry Design, Named a Finalist in the International New Talent Award 2022 by KLIMT02

The graduate project of Mor Berger, a Department of Jewelry Design graduate, deals with the encounter between body and soul and the universal desire for balance between the two. In her research, Mor focuses on the role of water in the body, the organs that contain it and the vessels that conduct it, which purify and balance the systems of the body just as water does for the soul.

The jewelry collection relates to the internal organs that play an essential role in the balance of water in our body. It expresses the connection between physical and mental and concerns the relationship between inside and out. By exposing emotional aspects of the jewelry and making them visible, the concrete material becomes an emotional representation of the soul hiding beneath the body.

Mor Berger (Photo: Daniel Sheriff)

Read about Mor’s project on the competition website

At the top of the page: Mor Berger’s graduate project (Photo: Shlomi Bernthal)

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