First Lady of Israel Michal Herzog and President’s Sister Ronit Herzog Visit Shenkar Graduate Exhibition and Present a Gift to the Rose Archive for Fashion and Textile

The first lady of Israel, Ms. Michal Herzog, and the sister of the president, Ms. Ronit Herzog, visited Shenkar’s graduate exhibition and presented a gift to the Rose Archive for Fashion and Textile: articles of clothing that belonged to Aura Herzog, wife of the sixth president of Israel Chaim Herzog. They also met with the prime minister’s wife, Ms. Lihi Lapid, who was touring the exhibitions at the same time.

Chair of the Shenkar Board of Trustees, Ms. Orit Efrati, hosted the visit together with Shenkar’s department heads and senior faculty.

The first lady was shown a range of projects showcasing fascinating interdisciplinary collaborations, including works combining textiles and technology (the Department of Software Engineering and the Department of Textile Design) and fashion design and gaming (the Department of Fashion Design and the Digital Game Design and Development program). She also visited the Department of Jewelry Design, which bridges the gap between art and industry with a focus on smart functionality.

From right to left: Ronit Herzog, Michal Herzog, and Orit Efrati with a dress belonging to Aura Herzog that was donated to the Rose Archive for Fashion and Textile

Shenkar’s graduate exhibition is a fascinating and creative mix of projects from the full range of fields studied at the college: engineering, design, technology and art.

Ms. Michal Herzog leads the Arts Committee in the Office of the President, which serves as a platform for displaying Israeli art that reflects the country’s social diversity and creative richness.

At the top of the page (from right to left): Ronit Herzog, Orit Efrati, prime minister’s wife Lihi Lapid and first lady Michal Herzog

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