Remembering Maya: A project in loving memory of Maya Vishniak

We are very proud of the group of female students at Shenkar who selected a series of illustrations by Maya Vishniak—who, according to news reports, was murdered by her boyfriend six months ago—and printed them on t-shirts as part of a touching project. All proceeds from sales of the t-shirts will be donated to shelters for female victims of domestic violence. The project is a joint initiative between Shenkar’s Student Union, the Departments of Visual Communication, Fashion Design and Textile Design, and Israeli fashion houses Retema, comme il faut and Queens.

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In addition, the group fixed Maya’s quote calling for everyone to believe in change onto one of the walls of Shenkar’s Mitchell building, because we simply cannot accept a reality in which dozens of women are murdered in Israel every year. Translated, the quote reads “I will always try to change things for the better, even if it’s the smallest thing. I will keep striving for more, because I know that I can.”

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