Designers of the Future: The Department of Jewelry Design at Shenkar Presents Jewelry for Sale at the Musa Eretz Israel Museum Gift Shop

The Day After: The Designers of the Future at Shenkar’s Department of Jewelry Design Present Jewelry for Sale at the Musa Eretz Israel Museum Gift Shop!

The partnership between the department and the Musa gift shop began in 2019 and continued in 2020 as part of the advanced conceptual design course for third year students, supervised by Eyal Schoenbaum and Orina Maretzki-Parente. In the framework of the course, which took place in the shadow of the pandemic and integrated both online and in-person classes, students created works in diverse subjects, using varied techniques and materials, while relating them to the main theme of the course: working intuitively and developing design concepts based on emotions rather than according to strict codes. In this process, the designer’s personal interests are expressed as a foundation for societal interests, with an emphasis on sustainability and respect for the environment.

Design: Alma Leon

Design: Shani Axelrad

As part of the commercial-design learning process at the base of Shenkar’s collaboration with the museum shop, students met with the shop’s staff and learned pricing and sales processes that take the buyers into account while honoring and valuing the creator.

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At the top of the page: (from left) Itay Kaufman, Yuval Ben benisti, Gal Rivlin

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