Israel21C-Magazine: Slide into Prof. Dodiuk’s non-stick world

Imagine a world where ice doesn’t stick to airplane wings, car windshields or electrical lines. A world where grime and graffiti are easily cleaned off walls, and windows repel dust.

That world will soon be our reality, thanks to novel nanotechnology developed by Prof. Hanna Dodiuk, head of the polymers and plastics engineering department at Israel’s Shenkar College.

“I was in love with philosophy, but it’s hard to make money in that, so I chose chemistry. I also felt that I need to leave a signature,” says Dodiuk to "Israel21C".

She also is passionate about encouraging girls to go into the sciences and technology. Shenkar President Yuli Tamir, also a woman, nominated Dodiuk as special counsel for women’s affairs.

Dodiuk has one daughter who is a lawyer and another who is a dermatologist, both currently working in North America but planning to return to Israel with their husbands and children.

“I remained very close to them through the years,” says Dodiuk. “Whatever I did in life, I always made time every day to be with them"

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