Call for students to participate in the Second National Hackathon in industrial engineering and management

The forum of deans, heads of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, and the Israeli Society of Industrial and Management Engineers at the Association of Engineers, Architects, and Graduates of Technological Sciences in Israel is pleased to invite you to participate in the Second National Hackathon in Industrial Engineering and Management.

The Hackathon will engage with creative and innovative technological solutions that address professional issues in advancing economic, industrial, governmental, and community organizations by means of methodologies from the field of engineering, the sciences, and design. The event will be held at Shenkar, and includes all the academic institutions that award degrees in industrial engineering and management. During the Hackathon the students will contend with issues for which creative solutions are being sought on the ground, and/or issues that have yet to be explored, using professional knowledge and giving expression to innovation and creativity.

The proposed solutions will be presented after 36 hours of continuous work, hours of intensive interaction, toward developing and thinking outside the box. The results will be presented to a forum of experts. The event will also include relevant lectures by academic faculty members and senior managers from leading organizations and industries. Companies participating in the previous Hackathon include eBay, Intel, Clalit Health Services, Mekorot, Optimove, Big-M, and others.

Students are invited to participate in the Second Hackathon and contend through teamwork with professional issues in industrial engineering and management.

Who is the event for?

The event is for all second- to fourth-year and MA students, with preference for female students, in industrial engineering and management programs in particular, and engineering, design, and science programs in general, who have an interest in business and social innovation and technology, and in developing digital and other solutions that contribute to the advancement of businesses, the economy, and the community, either at organizational or national level. The students will be divided into teams of three or four, and will contend with a professional issue, process the data, and formulate solutions based on engineering, business, and design thinking through teamwork, while contending with a competitive environment and time constraints.

Winning and Awards

The panel of judges will consist of a team of experts and industry and business professionals. The criteria for winning include:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Technological feasibility
  • Economic and business feasibility
  • Level of development achieved during the Hackathon
  • Anticipated technological, economic, and community change or influence

First prize of 15,000 NIS will be awarded to the winning team
Second prize of 10,000 NIS will be awarded to the first runner-up team
Third prize of 5,000 NIS will be awarded to the second runner-up team

A certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants.

Participating Companies

Technological companies and other organizations contending with issues in the field of industrial engineering and management, such as advanced services in information systems, improving supply chains, Big Data analysis, improving user experience, improving production lines, robotics, smart cities, and innovative collaborative/community business models. The companies accepted to the Hackathon will be required to place at the teams’ disposal development environments that meet the requirements, as well as professional advisors to help the teams in various aspects.

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