Gallery, Haaretz: Young designer learns the power of error

To Noa Raviv, failure is not separate from success, and one can lead to the other in surprising way.

"I think it's better to enjoy mistakes and failure than to fear them," she says. The 27-year-old graduate of Ramat Gan's Shenkar Collegeof Engineering and Design was selected to take part in The Costume Institute's spring 2016 exhibitions at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

First, though, her work will be in an exhibition at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. Even her final projectat Shenkar, which used 3-D printersand was awarded the college's Fini Leitersdorf award for 2014 is tied to failure.

"It began with mistakes had on the computer, and used their form. That is something that reverberates in my mind, which is that you have to extract the good out of every bad thing that happens," she says. "That's how it is in design as well as in life." 

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