671 Degrees Awarded to 2020-2021 Shenkar Graduates in Festive and Emotional Ceremony

“Dear graduates, today we reset the clock to celebrate the completion of your studies and the start of a new journey,” said Shenkar’s president, professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, as he addressed the 671 graduates of the class of 2020-2021 and their families at the commencement ceremony held in May 2022 at the Wohl Amphitheater in Tel Aviv.

“Our core values,” continued Rafaeli, “the true essence of Shenkar, the threads connecting the different faculties, departments, research centers, and curriculums, are creativity, curiosity, interdisciplinary work, innovation, an international perspective, humanity, leadership, sustainability, cooperation and excellence; and I hope these principles will stay with you going forward. We hope we have done our work of molding our graduating class well. We are committed to continue shaping this institution and its coming generations of students.”

שיזף רפאלי

Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli

The dean of the Pernick Faculty of Engineering, professor Yoram Halevi, spoke about the accomplishments of his faculty and its graduates, who successfully completed their assignments and coped with the curriculum’s heavy course load. He also talked about the positive impact of engineering on society as a whole. “Our goal was for you, graduates of the faculty and of Shenkar as a whole, to be in the top ranks of Israel’s engineers. We wanted you to stand with the best and be ready for any task, and I hope that we have succeeded. You have completed your degree; but your relationship with this faculty and with Shenkar is far from over. Come back for your master’s degree, for the external studies program, for the events we organize for graduates, or for any other reason. I hope you will continue to view this faculty as your home long after your studies are over.”

יורם הלוי

Professor Yoram Halevi

The dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Design, professor Yael Moriah, wished the graduates well on the next stage of their journey and asked them to keep sharing the lessons they learned at Shenkar with the world: “Be brave – don’t be tempted to take the shorter, faster, cheaper, supposedly more efficient route. Always insist on asking “why”, and you’ll find it easier to answer the question of “how”. Remember that the journey of uncertainty is the path to creative development. Exercise your imagination to make the world a better place to live.”

יעל מוריה

Professor Yael Moriah

Speaking on behalf of the students were Student Union chair Michal Salomon (School of Industrial Engineering & Management graduate) and Daniel Epshtein (Department of Fashion Design graduate), who experienced one of the strangest final years to be students in, complete with lockdowns, a pandemic, and a war. But as they testified, this challenging period ultimately made them stronger graduates. “We’ve come a long way since our first year, which we started as novices who didn’t know how to sew, illustrate, solve integrals, or strive for the very small number Dankner was talking about. We looked at fourth-year students in amazement and didn’t understand how they managed to do so much simultaneously. But when we reached our fourth year, we did it all – and we did it during a pandemic. We learned that somehow, everything works out in the end.

מיכל סלומון ודניאל אפשטיין

Daniel Epshtein (in blue) and Michal Salomon

We are leaving Shenkar stronger, equipped with tools to handle the challenges the world poses and will continue to pose. We know how to make good choices professionally and in terms of design. We will take jobs that do good for the world and not the other way around. We will shape the world to be more sustainable and real.”

A total of 51 honors certificates were awarded to graduates during the ceremony: (Sari Gabay, Tamar Shilo Yosef, Sivan Lebovich, Hadar Levy, Maya Manour, Tal Tal Nistor, Stav Assis) Department of Visual Communication / (Lilach Arik, Noy Ben Hamo, Noam Massas, Daniel Farzes, Yuval Rejwan) Department of Interior, Building and Environment Design / (Yarin Turnheim) Department of Chemical Engineering / (Ahiad Israel Zilberfarb) Department of Polymer Materials Engineering / (Netanel Yarak) Department of Polymer Materials Engineering – Graduate Studies / (Alexander Volodarsky, Farook Amer) Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering / (Noa Henen, Alma Leon) Department of Jewelry Design / (Daniel Epshtein, Elani Bar-El, Rotem Yitzhaki, David Cohen) Department of Fashion Design / (Shai Segel) Master's Degree in Digital Game Design and Development / (Sharon Ohayon, Noa Oren, Ayala Arad, Yuval Barkan, Sagi Nissim David, Dar Harpaz, Inbal Zalmanovich, Sapir Yosupov, Gilly Cohen, Inbar Levy, Michal Ezer, Or Ayon, Tamar Peer, Inbar Pinchas, Shai Kopit) School of Industrial Engineering & Management / (Hagai Manour) School of Industrial Engineering & Management – Graduate Studies / (Tair Uria, Noa Bernat, Elizabeth Marr) School of Multidisciplinary Art / (Segev Kaspi, Alon Rotman) Department of Industrial Design / (Shlomit Ariel, Netta Ben-Moshe, Shira Karmi) / Department of Textile Design / (Gilat Blum, Lavi Zohar, Tomer Tobiano) Master’s in Design

Photos: Achikam Ben Yosef

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