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A New School of Industrial Engineering and Managment | The Faculty of Engineering has opened the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, headed by Prof. Ehud Menipaz.

Prof. Menipaz is one of the leading researchers in his field, and he has served in a series of senior positions in international academic world. Over the years he has published over 200 academic products, and serves as an elected director of Global Entrepreneurship Research Association (GERA), which is engaged in a multi-year entrepreneurship and innovation study in some seventy countries worldwide.

At the opening ceremony Prof. Menipaz noted that “our vision is to become a leading institution that educates the engineers of the 21st century. We shall therefore dedicate much attention to issues like Big Data and Digital”.

Eternity Exhibition | Students and graduates from the Department of Visual Communication presented a variety of distinctive projects in an annual exhibition dedicated to the place of the designer in Israeli society.

Under the title “Eternity”, a wide range of personal and social projects were revealed. Captivating discussion evenings with leading designers and creators were held concurrently with the exhibition.

Faithful to the Original | Leading Israeli designers, artists, and illustrators presented personal and original interpretations for the works of Prof. Yarom Vardimon – a laureate of the Israel Prize in design and Dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Design – in a tribute exhibition entitled "Faithful to the Original".

International JamWeek | The unique academic project JamWeek gained high praise in the international educational project competition Reimagine Education held at Wharton University in the US. Tamar Many – a faculty member in the Department of Visual Communication – presented the multidisciplinary project which received rave reviews from representatives from the world’s leading institutions. This year Jam week will be held for the fifth time putting emphasize on humanitarian design.

Raviv’s Year | International fashion magazine Vogue named Noa Raviv – a graduate of the Department of Fashion Design –as one of the “16 Young Designers Who Won 2016”. She stars in the prestigious ranking alongside the most prominent young designers “who bring fresh originality, and whose names are worth remembering into 2017”.

Mining and Reading Information | Dr. Oded Koren and Dr. Nir Perel – faculty members at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management – launched an international research initiative in the field of economic innovation in collaboration with experts from the Collective Intelligence Unit (CIU) at the Copenhagen Business School. Meanwhile, two research projects that evolved in the Big Data Lab in conjunction with MA students at the school have been published in leading journals.

The Best There Is | Roei Zerahia – a faculty member at the School of Industrial Engineering and Design – was named one of the most popular and inspiring lecturers in Israeli academia. In a comprehensive survey, the first of its kind, carried out by the National Union of Israeli Students, respondents noted that Zerahia “inspires motivation in his students and listens to each and every one. Attending his classes, where there’s always a good atmosphere, is great fun”.

Designing Köln | MDes students participated in an international multidisciplinary workshop at Köln International School of Design (KISD) in Germany. During a week packed with events and experiences they met students from all over the world, talked to designers, artists, and researchers, heard fascinating lectures, and became acquainted with the local culture, history, and tradition.

Innovation, Research, Industry | The European Union’s IDEA project, which was led by the Innovation Center ACT Shenkar, headed by Tami Warshavski, has reached its successful conclusion. A summary of the project and its products have been documented in a book published in English and Hebrew, and engages with advancing collaborations between academia and industry.

144 Hours of Success | Rotem Paz and Ron Levin – students at the Department of Visual Communication – won second place in the Maratoon competition in which competitors create short animated videos in five days. In the ceremony, which was held at Holon Cinematheque, they were awarded the prize for best screenplay and received airline tickets to Vienna where they will participate in an international animation festival.

Smart Absorption | The research conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Amir of the Department of Polymers and Plastics Engineering was granted support from the Office of the Chief Scientist in the framework of the KAMIN Program, and initial discussions on its implementation in industry are underway. The research, which focuses on developing hybrid fabrics possessing innovative absorption qualities, was carried out with the support of the Innovation Center ACT Shenkar.

Design, Technology, Innovation | Students, graduates, and lecturers from the Azrieli Faculty of Design hosted and led an international multidisciplinary workshop with MBA students from the prestigious American university Cornell Tech and tech teams from Sears. Together they developed and presented smart and innovative ideas to reshape the future of shopping.

Art at Its Best | The Minister of Culture and Sport Award for best established video artist is being awarded to Nira Pereg – a lecturer at the Multidisciplinary Art School – “for her uncompromising artistic endeavor and the quality of her work”. The professional panel of judges reasoned their choice of Pereg in that “her engagement in video art is consistent and comprehensive in its observation of different aspects in the local milieu”.

These Candles | Folding Hanukkah menorahs designed by Department of Jewelry Design graduates in the course of their studies were exhibited in a special exhibition at the Museum of Italian Jewish Art in Jerusalem.

The unique objects, which were created in a course entitled “From the Past to the Future”, reflect original design thinking by means of which the young designers accorded personal interpretations to these traditional objects that have accompanied the Jewish people throughout its history.

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