Four Lectures, International Innovation Award and Launching of a book on Nanotechnology: The Achievements of the Polymer Engineering Department In the 35th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society

The Department of Polymers and Plastics Engineering earned a collection of achievements in the Annual International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS) that took place in Izmir Turkey between May 26 and May 30th.

Dr. Naum Naveh, Prof. Hanna Dodiuk and Prof. Shmuel Kenig were invited to chair three sessions and their presentations were accepted as Keynote lectures.

In addition Prof. Shmuel Kenig was bestowed with the most prestigious award of the PPS – the Innovation Award named after the late Prof. James White one of the founders of the Society. The prize was awarded to Prof. Kenig for his research on nanotechnology for anti-corrosion of metals and fire retardancy of polymers, the patents that were issued as a result of the research and finally for their industrial applications.

The award was followed by a plenary lecture on the subject.

Dr. Naveh, Prof. Dodiuk and Prof. Kenig

Finally, a book edited by Prof. Kenig was launched during the Conference dealing with "Processing of Polymer Nanocomposites".

During the Conference new opportunities and acquaintances for collaborations were initiated covering Europe, North and South America, Far East, Australia and South Africa.

Top of the page:  Prof. Kenig with the Innovation Certificate in the middle. Prof. Altan President of PPS on the right and Prof. Mana Head of the Awards Committee on the left

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