Recipients of the 2019 Ministry of Culture Award

Eleven Shenkar graduates and lecturers received the prestigious prize, which was awarded after a six-month delay, following the persistent efforts of the Association of Plastic Artists in Israel. The prizes were awarded following the Association’s efforts in recent months, and its repeated petitions and inquiries with Ministry of Culture officials on the matter. Thus, the Association protected these important public awards – the only ones in Israel awarded directly to artists, not through a mediating body.

Full list of Shenkarian recipients:

Young Artist Award: Yasmin Vardi, Gal Amiram, Guy Levy, Nirit Takele, Yaniv Amar (all graduates of the Multidisciplinary Art School)

Award for the Encouragement of Creative Art: Uriel Miron (Department of Jewelry Design and Multidisciplinary Art School), Barak Ravitz (Multidisciplinary Art School)

Young Video Artist Award: Yasmin Vardi (Multidisciplinary Art School)

From the winning project by Yasmin Vardi

Design Award: Prof. Yirmi Pinkus (Department of Visual Communication), Shira Shoval (Department of Textile Design)

Minister of Culture Award: Orit Hofshi, Yoni Gold (both from the Multidisciplinary Art School)

Award for Artistic Projects and Activities in Israel: Yoni Gold (Multidisciplinary Art School)

Top of page: A work by Orit Hofshi

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