Faculty of Engineering Honors Ceremony 2021/22

This week, a ceremony was held to hand out certificates of excellence to the students and teaching staff of the Faculty of Engineering.

The distinguished ceremony was attended by the president of Shenkar, professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, professor Yoram Halevi, the heads of departments, families of the students and others.

“Your excellence is not only professional – there are certificates for that – but also moral. In days like these, stormy days in terms of the economy, the engineering and tech professions, I hope you channel your excellence to moral matters ­– which we hopefully managed to share with you here at Shenkar,” said professor Sheizaf Rafaeli in his opening remarks at the ceremony.  

“It is not easy to excel,” said professor Yoram Halevi in his opening speech. “If we look at the meaning of excellence, it rarely co-occurs in the realms of time and space – as we engineers say. I am convinced that among those who have excelled here are those who excel not only in their studies, but also in social awareness, actions, sports, music and so on. This is a hopeful time for engineering. Those in engineering and science are receiving social and economic recognition and the recognition that they are the backbone of society and industry. You will change the world; without a doubt, every person in their respective field will work to bring good to the world.

Prof. Yoram Halevi

Among the speakers at the ceremony were also: Or Ventura, chairman of the Shenkar Student Union, who congratulated the recipients on their success and hard work, and professor Avivit Levy, a senior faculty member in the Department of Software Engineering, who delivered the lecture, "The Art of Designing AI-Based Solutions".

Certificates of excellence were distributed to 108 undergraduate and eight graduate students. In addition, professor Avivit Levy (Department of Software Engineering), professor Anna Dotan (Department of Polymer Materials Engineering), Amit Dunsky (Department of Software Engineering), and Lika Mansharov (School of Industrial Engineering and Management) received certificates of excellence as faculty members. 

Photography: Ahikam Ben Yosef

Published January 25, 2023 


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