Blinker, the smart helmet, made by graduates of The Department of Electrical Engineering made it to 6th place!

Smart Israeli creativity at the top of the world: The smart helmet, developed by Ron Cohen and Hannan Elckasli - graduates of The Department of Electrical Engineering - made it to 6th place in the international prestigious competition Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen. 

The company, Blinker, earned the honor of representing Israel after winning the Israeli competition first, which was organized by the innovation center ACT Shenkar. Blinker managed to impress the international judges that were asked to give their opinions on over 40 projects from around the world. 

Blinker is a signaling kit that turns any helmet to a smart helmet. Blinker adds signaling capabilities, warning signs and automatic break lights. The products fits to any helmet that is currently out in the market and is designated to electrical and regular bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, skateboards or skates.

In a three day event, entrepreneurs from over 40 countries presented their creative innovative projects. They participated in different gatherings, met with different people from the academia and industry, and created connections that reach beyond borders and languages.

Shenkar’s president, Professor Yuli Tamir, together with Prince Joachim of Denmark, presented the first prize at the competition that went to a group of Austrian entrepreneurs. Professor Tamir was a part of the judging team alongside Mr. Marc Worth, Chairman of the board of trustees of Shenkar, as well as other leading experts. 

President of Shenkar, Professor Yuli Tamir (right); Chariman of the board of trustees of Shenkar, Mr. Marc Worth (center); Prince Joachim of Denmark (left) 

Creative Business Cup has set its goal to strengthen business skills of young entrepreneurs in the creative industries, and support their ability to establish successful companies based on their skills.

Since the Israeli Creative Business Cup competition has launched, its representatives saw great achievements: in 2012, GreenBo, a company that presented uniquely designed planters that fit to any home railing, won 2nd  place and $30,000. In 2013, the interactive magazine Scrawl made it to the semifinals and won many praises. 

In 2014, the Jerusalem based startup Zuta Labs that presented a tiny robotic pocket printer, made it to the semifinals and the startup Voiceitt one first place in the Next Challenge Award category. 

Top of page: representatives of the Creative Business Cup finalists in Denmark (Photo: PR)

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