How to design emotionally? Artist's Workshop with Branko Lukic

The collaboration with Branko Lukic stems from the Artist's Workshop course attended by our 3rd year students. Contact was maintained throughout the semester through remote presence classes and culminated in an intense five day workshop with Mr. Lukic in Israel.

The questions posed to our students in this course related to the way in which we consume, create, make use of and discard Energy. "The aim is to create an object that enriches it's environment, that returns and not only takes, or that does not take at all" (Excerpt from the course brief given to our students). 

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The driving force according to Mr. Lukic is to create emotional significance "Every object you design must be significant emotionally".

The ability to create emotional significance in an object originates from including values that are other than functional and aesthetic. When all is said and done, it does not matter what we tell ourselves, it is the emotion that sticks with us. Design that strives to create emotional value is design that attempts to reveal and understand an experience and aims to frame into constructs that create meaning".

The student's work throughout the semester reflects their reactions and opinions regarding the subject matter in an attempt to express these opinions through the objects they designed.

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