Shenkar opens its doors to Bahraini Ambassador, Mr. Khaled Yousif al-Jalahma

We were honored to host the Bahraini Ambassador, Mr. Khaled Yousif al-Jalahma, on a partnership visit to Shenkar College.

The Abraham Accords have permitted unprecedented collaboration between Israel and its Middle Eastern neighbors. This week, Shenkar fulfilled the educational and cultural ambitions of this treaty, by welcoming Mr. Ambassador al-Jalahma to visit the college.

כבוד השגריר בביקור במחלקה לעיצוב אופנה

Ambassador Mr. Khaled Yusef al-Jalhama on a visit to the departments of Shenkar

During his visit, Ambassador al-Jalahma had the opportunity to witness first-hand the creative spirit of Shenkar, as he toured various departments – including Fashion, Textile, Jewelry Design and Plastics – and spoke personally with students and faculty. Through events such as these, Israel and Bahrain will begin their collaborative journey together, experiencing one another through future projects in innovation, art, design, technology, and engineering.

Shenkar – through its students and faculty – is honored and privileged to help bridge the gap, and build a bright joint future for Israel and Bahrain.

Top of page: (from right to left) Shenkar President - Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli, Chairwoman of the Board of Governors - Orit Efrati, Ambassador of Bahrain - Mr. Khaled Yosef al-Jalhama and Chairman of the Board of Shenkar - Zvi Yemini (Photo: Achikam Ben Yosef)

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