2015 over and out: graduates from the design and arts departments presented their final projects in a series of events

Over 200 fresh graduates from the departments of design and arts presented their final projects in a series of events held at the Shenkar College in Ramat Gan. Upon the completion of four challenging years at Shenkar, the graduates exposed the fruit of their labor to a wide audience that came to meet the next generation of designers.

The different exhibitions showed how the young artists and designers perceive our world, and also allow visitors to get acquainted with new local and international trends.

>> The departments, the programs, the projects: visit our 2015 graduates’ website!

Like every year, the events were launched with two astonishing graduates fashion shows that won many praises from local and international media. Many guests arrived to the festive event that was held at Hangar 11, Tel Aviv port.

Industry personas, media representatives, family members, friends, and fashion followers, all arrived to the venue to watch 34 graduates present a fascinating wide range of original and inspiring collections. About two week after the glamorous event, the collections were available for show at the department floor at Shenkar College, which enabled a closer look of the techniques and design. Click here for our 2015 graduates’ website!

Graduate fashion show 2015 ››

Graduates of The Department of Interior Building & Environment Design opened the 2015 Over and Out events with a seminar on kindergarten architecture. Some of the final projects of the department were shown and a panel discussion was held with the participation of educators, architectures and students.

Through their senior year, students examined kindergarten environments in the city of Ramat Gan and tried to find ways to make it more sophisticated and friendly.

Together with the board of education of Ramat Gan, The Ministry of Education and The Institute for Democratic Education, they learned about the educational system in the city and its guidelines, met with teachers, kids, parents, and experts, in an attempt to understand their needs.  In their final projects, they translated said needs to actual models and designs of the future of kindergartens in the city.

After going through selective projects, Zvi Singer, mayor of Ramat Gan, announced that one exceptional project will be implemented in the city, and the student that designed the project will be an official architectural advisor. Click here for the website of graduates from The Department of Interior Building & Environment Design!

Designing the future of kindergartens: 

Graduates of The Department of Industrial Design presented their original final projects: from appliances and furniture to innovative use of materials. 

"The final projects touched an eternal space of human memory, yearning, sensation, childishness, intimacy and publicity intertwining and brining new and relevant spirit to our lives, in this changing reality", said Mr. Yoav Nir, head of The Department of Industrial design. “We see here the act of alchemy, the transition from banality to magical."

An evening of "Stories from the box" took place during the exhibition days, where graduates shared their work process, their successes and the failures they have experienced. 

Between the walls of the Visual Communications Department, the final projects were displayed and visitors were impressed by the graduates’ originality and talents. 

A few trends stood out among the personal projects: the connection between the virtual and real world; family, clans, religion and history, “glocal” culture, politics and society; renovation and developing familiar formats and transition to multi-platform expression outlets.  Click here for the website of graduates from The Department of Visual Communication!

The Soldier Bear – Marianna Raskin’s final project:

Graduates of The Department of Jewelry Design presented projects that take us to a fascinating world of exceptional objects, moving between tradition, artistic and innovation. This year we saw students questioning shapes and materials, which was reflected in their extensive use of mechanical and architectural thinking, as well as combining shapes and materials from the world of textile. 

As part of the events, an entire seminar day was dedicated to designers branding featuring marketing and design experts, that talked about commercial thinking, work force participation and independent brand launching.

Design: Noa Lee Shaked, Photo: Nimrod Sonders

Under the title "Action-Motion#2", student from the Master’s Program in Design presented working and thinking processes as part of their thesis work as well as different projects they have completed throughout the year.  

The first part of the exhibition was comprised of video clips of the students describing the object of their thesis research and their research methodologies. The second part was dedicated to the connection between theory and applicative design, a connection which is the heart and soul of the multidisciplinary program. 

Galia Chai describing her thesis work:

Over at The Department of Textile Design, the fresh graduates presented a wide range of fascinating projects with several trends:

reducing clothes manufacturing procedures and combining digital and manual techniques of woven fabrics with non-woven fabrics; emphasizing specific needs of local crowds, from religious women and colorizing the city of Tel Aviv, to blocks and plants in the local urban space, giving attention to young culture and investigating the role of textile as a creator and language transfer device. 

Conversation Pieces: Graduate Calmy Rokach’s final project for The Department of Textile Design (Photo: Ahikam Ben-Yosef)  

The Department of multidisciplinary arts fourth graduates’ exhibition offered a wide range of projects from different mediums including painting, photography, video-art, installations and presentations.

"The students, who spent the past four years testing their limits in front of their classmates and lecturers alone, are now exposed to the critical eye of the wide audience", said Larry Abramson, head of the department. "This status, terrifying as it may be, is the true initiation process – the transfer from being a student to being a young artist".

The exhibition was held at the historical Elite building. It reflected students’ characteristics and the complex discourse they developed throughout their studies – between themselves and between themselves and their lecturers, mentors and guests they have met through with journey. 

Top of page: Graduates from The Department of Multidisciplinary art present their projects (Photo: Ahickam Ben-Yosef)

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